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The Beyond the Multitude Inspection, Maintenance, and Tourism Agency (BMIMTA) was formed in 2013 as speculative alternative model for public engagement, ecological research, and environmental management.

BMIMTA operates under the PRETTI MOM model: Publicly Responsible, Environmentally, Technically, and Tactically Innovative Maintenance, Operations, and Management. BMIMTA's governing philosophy insists that public resources should be managed and maintained not just "for the public good," but in full sight of, and fully responsive to, the public. "Out of sight, out of mind" is no longer a sufficient model for resource management.

This website's primary goal is to provide access to the findings and documentation of the Scajaquada Drain Expedition (SDE) that was held by BMIMTA on July 11, 2013. The details of the SDE can be found on the other pages linked from the top navigation menu. This website will also serve as a repository for any advisory documents, papers, and other publications put forth by BMIMTA.